[alt-photo] Re: pd/pt coating solutions

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Wed Mar 30 06:21:08 GMT 2011

David, let me chime in:

If you're printing from digital negatives AND your printer is perfectly able
to give you enough UV blocking to print WITHOUT any contrast agent, then
don't use any contrasting agent at all! (Or, use very little - depending on
the image and intended result...) IME, you get smoother tonality / less
grain with processes (or process variants) with long ES... And that's
especially true in case of digital negatives - which are (by definition)
more grainy than regular LF film negatives... My regular pd mix (it's the
print out variant BTW, not develop out...) has an ES around log 2.9 for
instance, and I'm / I was very happy with the results! The key is being able
to get enough blocking density from the printer.


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I'm fairly happy with my prints but am always looking for ways to improve
them.  Still photographing with film but printing with digital negs.  Most
of my prints are made with 1:1 solution #1 and #2 and if not just a slight
drop change.

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