[alt-photo] Re: casein

Don Bryant donsbryant at gmail.com
Mon May 2 00:41:16 GMT 2011

Today I made my first printing test using the ammonium caseinate I made
following (or supposedly following) the instructions and method suggested in
E.J. Theisen's article published on the Unblinking Eye.

Oh brother what a horrid mess. I printed the traditional Stouffer 21 step
tablet and I had 4 distinct steps. And at the same time I printed an in
camera negative that demonstrated the same ugly results.  The coating was
very splotchy, I had horrible dichromate staining. 

I also printed an in camera negative at the same time with very similar
results. No detail, extremely weak pigment density. My printing time was
about 2.5 minutes using a Nuarc 26K. I swag'ed the exposure time since I've
not printed any gum prints on the Nuarc.

I had to hose the print to get development started, perhaps I was just

I used saturated am. dichromate and DS Graphite Grey coated on PVA'ed Lenox,
per E.J.'s generic instructions.
I'm glad that Chris and Marek are having success, time to stand back and
assess my options.


I am using 10% ammonium caseinate. 
I too am very entranced by the quick development, minutes with brush or
roller, only 1/2 hour otherwise. So with quick exposure and quick
development, it is really fast.
Even if you scrape the heck out of it, the grain is very fine,
impressionistic, not flaky like gum. And the layer is very thin.
I am using 10% pot di 1:1 and 3 minute exposures, thus my coating of casein
is only 5% casein and 5% pot di, or about .15g pot di per 8x10 layer, given
about 3ml coating.
No smell at all, except a slight foetidity when developing, like wet dog.

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