[alt-photo] Re: gum speckling

Willen, Matthew S willenm at etown.edu
Fri Nov 18 17:18:11 GMT 2011

Hi Diana,
Thanks. I've just got them hanging to dry now, and will scan them after
they are dry enough to put on the scanner. I'm trying out some fresh from
the bottle gum with sensistizer I've been using and then some fresh from
the bottle sensitizer with the gum I've been using on smaller prints to
see if one or the other might be culprit. Let's see.

I'll be down your way again in a couple of weeks. I'll touch bases and
perhaps we can meet up again and show you some of what I am working at.

On 11/18/11 12:13 PM, "Diana Bloomfield" <dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net>

>What does the speckling look like, Matt?  Whenever I've had any kind
>of speckling, it's typically from using too much pigment-- but maybe
>what I'm envisioning as "speckling," is not the same as what you're
>seeing.  Is the pigment flaking off, or is it just not being picked up
>by the paper?   From what I understand, excess heat can sometimes
>cause a kind of speckling.  I always let my prints dry in the dark,
>using no added heat-- just room temperature drying-- but if you're
>using a hair dryer-- could be too much heat?  Can you show us one of
>the speckled images?  That might help.
>On Nov 18, 2011, at 11:54 AM, Willen, Matthew S wrote:
>> Hi, Just wondering if someone might help me out here. My gum prints
>> were coming out just fine, and then just a few days ago I started
>> getting some very dramatic speckling on the prints. Using the same
>> batch of sized paper (gelatin-glyoxal), and Potassium bichromate at
>> 1:1 ratio pigment gum mix. Any suggestions or experience with this?
>> Thanks,
>> Matt
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