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It could very well have been a worn out cutter and when the film was
sleeved, it got the scratch marks in it. There is a pro photo lab not too
far from my studio. Years back I had a customer that shot film and had them
process it proof and bring it to me for prints. ALL his film had fine
scratches because their cutter left very small particles on the cut edge.
When they were placed into the pages, the bit would come off and get wedge
into the sleeve and scratch the film. It took me a while to show not only my
customer but the lab what was going on. Always had to print his film in my
diffusion enlarger. 

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Slightly different, but I just did a bunch of digital printing for  
someone recently.  I also scanned their film.  Fortunately, I have a  
really nice Epson scanner, but I did notice that on every single piece  
of 35mm film, there were scratches all down the front (as though  
someone ran a gravel-filled squeegee down the front of each strip).   
My scanner and I managed to eliminate those scratches, but I did ask  
this person where they had their color film processed.  It was  
Walmart.  I suggested they might want to go someplace else.

On Apr 3, 2012, at 11:26 AM, Robert Hall wrote:

> It's not like Walmart would ever give a you know what about longevity,
> but I think we will lose an entire generation of photographs due to
> the digital influence, not to mention what the same influence has done
> to art and image literacy.
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>> clippy...
> That means that people's memory printed today may be gone 30 years
> from now. What is going to be the longivity of a Walmart inkjet print
> in 30 years.I know that people use digital now and keep photos on
> their phones and hard drive. what about in 30 years. Where are going
> to be the phone photos or the hard drive photos..
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