[alt-photo] Re: instant films (specifically Fuji fp-3000b)

Kane Stewart kasFP at hampshire.edu
Mon Apr 30 18:29:02 GMT 2012

i don't think you meant to send this to me.


On Apr 30, 2012, at 2:23 PM, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

> I think the problem is the gooey stuff just outside the image area. If I try to put the film in a bag or folder, they get squeezed out to make a mess on the image area. I guess a box or something that allows to carry the film loosely in a closed container might be the way to go.
> Regarding solarization effect, I've been giving extra processing time (1 minute for FP-3000B, 3 minutes for FP-100C) and I didn't see any solarization effect so far. But at the same time I didn't test by intentionally exposing to strong light either.
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> Francesco Fragomeni wrote:
>> As far as transporting the negs, the surface of the negatives dry
>> relatively quickly. I suppose the only things that were of concern when I
>> was saving the negs was A) shielding them from extreme light immediately
>> after peeling to prevent Sabatier effect and B) preventing dust and
>> scratches. Blocking strong light is easy. As to the dust and scratches,
>> essentially all I did was set the thing somewhere to let it dry. Once dry I
>> stored them in the used cardboard carton the film came in. As long as I put
>> them in there dry I never had dust stick to them or scratches to the image
>> area.
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