[alt-photo] Re: Coating Silver Chloride Paper - Similar to AZO?

Don Bryant donsbryant at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 19:35:07 GMT 2012


Don, thanks for the reference. I've seen his website before but not spent
much time on it. I'll check it out again. I'm looking specifically to
replicate AZO and Lodima which to my understanding is possible.

First, Denise is a she not a he.

Second, she knows how to make a hand coated AZO clone - at least that is my

Third, I've attended Michael and Paula's Vision and Technique workshop where
Paula demonstrates DBI. It's drop dead easy. Of course you have to practice.
I've looked at hundreds of Michael and Paula's actual prints over the years.
You may think that their negatives are perfect - well they aren't. The just
know how to print with great skill. 

Why? Because they have used the same print materials for years and have
become very adept at using their materials. And oh yeah, they only use one
film too.

If you use a pyro developer you can develop IR film by time and temp.and
produce negatives with a lot of latitude - that's is - easy to print and
negs that give you creative options. I know - I did it for many years.
Processing film is actually a pretty simple process.

Don Bryant

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