[alt-photo] Re: Coating Silver Chloride Paper - Similar to AZO?

etienne garbaux photographeur at nerdshack.com
Sun Mar 11 07:20:44 GMT 2012

Francesco wrote:

>I've been asking around to see if anyone has any images made
>using this handmade emulsion that is being taught but so far
>I've seen nothing.

You can see some scanned images (and a bunch of DIY S-G process stuff 
in a sort of blog format) at the following link:


The images are proof that one can, indeed, get prints using handmade 
emulsions -- but even from the scans it is apparent that most of the 
prints are technically rudimentary at best and do not really show 
what the chloride S-G process can do.  Certainly nobody would say 
they looked anything like Azo prints.   (This is not necessarily a 
criticism -- a "very DIY" look seems to be in fashion and may be the 
artist's vision.)

Best regards,


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