[alt-photo] Re: Coating Silver Chloride Paper - Similar to AZO?

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The Emulsion Workshop at Eastman House in Rochester, and/or Ron Mowrey's
Book and DVD are excellent resources for the emulsion-making. (available
from the Photographer's Formulary)

A basic silver chloride contact-speed paper is not complex: the only tricky
part is achieving a good coating. Common off-the-shelf Bristol art paper
works just fine, though it does not provide a high-gloss surface.  Although
some claim that very precise temperature control (0.1 C) is necessary,
factory-scale operations do not typically operate with such accuracy -
timing, concentration and flow rate of additions are the keys to
consistency. AZO-style paper is a simple RS emulsion, fixed flow rate at a
set temperature. 



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Hi all,

I spent some time this week looking at some of the most amazing prints on
AZO and Lodima paper I've ever seen. I am well aware that Lodima is
available through Michael and Paula but the alt-process junkie inside of me
is curious about what is involved with making and coating one's one silver
chloride paper. I've read accounts on some of the forums about people fixing
regular enlarging paper and making silver chloride paper from it.
I'm wondering what the results of this looks like and how it compares to AZO
and Lodima. Also, I've read that making a silver chloride emulsion is
actually quite simple (completely relative) and that people have
successfully replicated AZO-like emulsions on their own. Can anyone speak to

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