[alt-photo] Re: gum workshop, now casein

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Fri Mar 30 13:42:40 GMT 2012

Thanks for the warning Christina. I recently purchased few iron-oxide
powder pigments (for a song - these aren't extra fine grounded artist
grade pigments, they're used for making exterior paint...), and will
start to print soon. I presume the coarse pigments will give me quite
grainy results, but that's exactly what I'm after. I'll print big
(30x40cm minimum, up to 50x60cm) therefore it doesn't matter much.

I want a similar look to Kim Soo-Kang's works:


30 Mart 2012 16:14 tarihinde Christina Anderson <zphoto at montana.net> yazdı:
> Loris,
> So far I have only used powdered and readymade casein, the latter from Kremer. I got two forms from them, a very jellylike one and a thick, gluish like one.
> Of course, I wasted a lot of it by learning the hard way not to mix stock pigment solutions. My metal salt pigments precipitated the casein into lumps overnight one day. All stock solutions had to be thrown away. So in that respect, WAY different than gum!
> Chris

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