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	Congratulations!  I remember the day I gave my book to the publisher
to send off to Hong Kong to print.  The biggest shock was that all that
work, all those photos, all that time and effort fit on a 16 gig flash
drive!!!  My first emotion was relief and exhaustion, then a sense of
accomplishment, then post partum depression!  LOL!!!  After 15 years of
work, I didn't know what to do with myself for a few days!  
	Is this your first book?  If so, then you are in for an amazing
feeling when you open the box from the publisher/printer and see that first
book.  It will truly be a defining moment in your life.  If not, then you
know what is coming and can enjoy it again!

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Dear List,

As many of you know, I have been working on a comprehensive gum book since
2003. I finally put my money (loads of it) where my mouth is this year, and
over the last 13 months wrote and finished Gum Printing and Other AMAZING
Contact Printing Processes. I can officially announce it because as of this
morning's FedEx delivery to the publisher it is NOW in the printing queue
slated for the end of January (unless I keel over in the next two weeks and
the publisher doesn't get paid). I was so worried I wouldn't complete it
before some sort of tragic demise that I had a backup author in place for my
hubby to send all my research to, which shows how important it is to me.

Without the list's help over fourteen years I would never have written the
book. I have learned SO much from you. In fact, this book (unlike my
Experimental Photography Workbook which is almost completely illustrated
with student work) is only half student work and half many names you all
would recognize from this list plus a few historic figures as well. 500+
images, 109 photographers. More important, there are frequent listees
referenced within the text who have helped me over the years with alt
knowledge. Credit given where credit is due.

To see the cover, go to:

I've kept the price as low as I can, the same as EPW even though it is 72pp
more and required far more research $$$ over a decade. As I've said before,
birthing children or books is a labor of love, not a revenue source
(especially problematic with postage and the weight of the book at 2.7lb).

It is the replacement text for Alternative Processes Condensed which is now
officially retired, including all the same processes except for photopolymer
gravure, but much much more (including casein). Rumor has it there will be
two books coming out this year on photopolymer gravure but far be it from me
to announce those authors' names until they do, and I took out that process
because it requires a press.

This is a good year for alt pro; Jill Enfield's brand new alt book is coming
out soon as well as a brand new revision of James' alt bible, both books
which I can't wait to buy. Alt is truly alive and well in 2013! Reminds me
of 1894-1910. Here's hoping more galleries will catch on to that fact.


Christina Z. Anderson

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