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Henry Rattle henry.rattle at ntlworld.com
Fri Oct 25 07:56:25 UTC 2013

Hi Chris - is that fluorescent room light? And do you dry the coated paper
in the light too? 

Yours fascinatedly


On 25/10/2013 01:46, "Christina Anderson" <christinazanderson at gmail.com>

> Laura,
> Yep. I work in full on room light.
> Chris
> Christina Z. Anderson
> http://christinaZanderson.com/
> On Oct 24, 2013, at 6:42 PM, Laura V wrote:
>> That was great to see, thanks for posting!
>> A question...do you actually work in that much light, or was that mainly for
>> the video? I've been coating my paper in red safe light and developing in a
>> much darker place, but maybe I don't have to..?
>> Laura
>> On 10/24/13 11:53 PM, Christina Anderson wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> This is somewhat embarrassing to share this but here goes. I was sent this
>>> link today by someone at my university who is not in the arts.
>>> Here is an article and then at the bottom a video about gum printing that
>>> appeared in the MSU Mountains and Minds magazine. I had previously posted
>>> the video link to my Facebook page, but the actual article is now up online
>>> (though the "how-to" about gum and casein was not included, another page or
>>> so).
>>> The magazine is sent throughout the university and to alumni and donors. It
>>> is geared to the non-photographer. I am pleased for two reasons: that they
>>> highlighted a faculty from the arts  in the magazine. And that maybe just
>>> MAYBE people will understand what it is that we do!
>>> The article was written by a MSU writer who took my alt class this past
>>> spring, Sepp Jannotta.
>>> The article is fairly uncomplex for this list who is so well versed in alt,
>>> as it is geared to the non-photographer.
>>> I am very pleased that it highlights my two alt mentors, Rudi Dietrich who
>>> taught me gum first at MSU and then Sam Wang at graduate school. I think Sam
>>> has influenced a fair number of people throughout the States and even world
>>> now, with his connections in China.
>>> And in relation to APIS, it was at an APIS conference that I first met Sam
>>> and saw his gum prints.
>>> This list would find this funny: the work I am doing in the video is all
>>> casein not gum. Those of you who gum print will realize that if you sprayed
>>> a gum print that close and hard, it might grain it up quite a bit. Casein?
>>> Not so much.
>>> Chris
>>> http://www.montana.edu/mountainsandminds/article.php?article=12194
>>> Christina Z. Anderson
>>> http://christinaZanderson.com/
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