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From: Richard Knoppow (
Date: 07/31/01-03:10:40 PM Z

At 04:44 PM 07/31/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I received an email from someone in Brazil looking for metol (see quoted
>text). I don't believe Metol is discontinued. Maybe it is called something
>else in Brazil? Could some help? Thanks!
>Dave S
><< I'm looking foward to start using your LC-1 developer formula, but I
>find Metol
>here to buy. I looked for it in the place I live (Salvador in the state of
>Bahia) and in many dealers in São Paulo, a very big city in the southeast of
>Brazil. What they all say is that it was "discontinued" and I should use
>FENIDONA (maybe Fenidone in English), instead, but 10 % less. Is that right?
>Can Metol be replaced by Fenidone in your formula ? In what amount ? 90 % of
>Metol quantity ? Will be the results the same ? I plan to use LC-1 in order
>to develop CGP Camera 2000 film, from Kodak, for halftones. >>
 Metol is the most widely used developing agent there is. Originally Metol
was an Agfa trade-name, maybe it still is, Kodak sold the same stuff as
Elon and others under a bewildering variety of trade-names.
 You might have better success searching for it by its full chemical name:
Para-methylaminophenol sulfate.

  Phenidone can be used in many Metol formulas with some changes. Phenidone
is used at about 10% or less of the amount of Metol.
  Ilford has published formulas for several Phenidone-Hydroquinone
developers which are the counterparts of various film and paper developers.
Microphen is essentially a Phenidone version of D-76 and similar to the
published formula ID-68. Bromophen is a Phenidone paper developer similar
to Dektol/D-72, the published formula is Ilford ID-62. If you want I will
post the formulas to the list or to you by e-mail. It may be possible to
adapt LC-1 to use Phenidone or Kodak Dimezone.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles,Ca.

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