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Re: The "Offender" replies....

John wrote:

> I have placed this list on "approved" status, which I sincerely hope
> will solve the problem.

It may or may not.

The list server leaves the original "From:" header (showing the original
poster's address) on distributed messages and adds a "Reply-to:" header
(showing the list-post address).  I assume it deletes any "Reply-to"
headers present on the incoming message from the distributed messages, but
do not know for sure.

SpamArrest appears to key on the first "From:" header it encounters (rather
than the "Reply-to:" header or any other "From:" headers that are present),
at least to address its return message to blocked senders -- that is why
individual posters are receiving the SpamArrest messages.  If SpamArrest is
using the "From:" header to identify senders to block, as well, you will
have to approve every list member individually.  You need to make
SpamArrest key on the "Reply-to:" or "List-Id:" header to approve all list
messages as a class.

Best regards,