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Re: Call for Entries

> All
> of us know it very well that photography can be used to represent
> something untrue, and so what is new here?

I think that's the point, although I agree that the posting is pretty
vague.  Here's my take on the whole thing, for those of you who care (if
not, hit the "delete" button immediately)...

"...calls for works that specifically question the nature of visual
documentation, including its definition, potentials, semiotic systems, and
social resonances in a Post-Modern world."

I interpret this as saying, "so photography has the ability to distort the
truth...now what are we, as photographers, going to do about it?"

Now, I still have no idea as to what kind of imagery they're looking for
(they seem to have put too much energy into $.50-$1 words and not enough
into making it understandable), but I'm not sure this show deserves the
harsh criticism it's been getting on this list.

It actually sounds a lot like an assignment I had in my "nonfiction" photo
class a few years ago...

Camden Hardy