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Pt/pd clearing poll (was Potentially stupid pt/pd question)

Eric's comment about clearing baths started my A.D.D. mind thinking about
different clearing methods, and it made me curious about everyone else's
clearing regimine.

So I'm conducting a quick little poll.  What chemistry do you all use to
clear your prints, how long, how many different baths, etc.?

Camden Hardy


On Mon, October 16, 2006 4:38 pm, EJN Photo wrote:
> Camden, The practice of using a water wash in between developer and first
> clearing bath got a little muddy during the mid to late 90's as far as I
> can
> tell. I think that for some it can really be an issue based on the
> contents
> and pH of your water.
> If you stay on the acid side that is a safer way to go. If you do use a
> water wash, I found it BEST to use distilled water. Your first clearing
> bath
> after an acid wash can also be more acid by using Di sodium EDTA instead
> of
> the Tetra sodium; pH of 7ish as opposed to 10ish for tetra. Then use the
> tetra sodium for your third bath.
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>> So I'm looking at this test print again, and just noticed
>> something.  The
>> stain wasn't caused by the emulsion.  It was caused by the
>> potassium
>> oxalate.
>> Any recommendations on getting all the developer out, or will I
>> have to
>> use it one-shot?  I rinsed the print before putting it in the
>> clear...should I just rinse it longer?
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