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Re: Cyanotype on papyrus

> Weird.  I think next time I'll just keep an eye on the length and if
> it doesn't seem to be compressing in the final stages maybe I'll just
> switch to a lighter set of books or something.  If that doesn't work
> I'll try your suggestion.  I'm not so concerned about dmax as that if
> it hasn't compressed 'yet' it might at any time.

The prints I made back in August never compressed back to their original
size.  It seems that once the paper's dry, it won't budge.  Maybe you'll
have a different experience though...I haven't done enough experimentation
with it yet to know for sure.  If it does shrink, let us know.

> I really like the way it looks.  I printed a test strip with a more
> delicate image and it came out well.  I'll print at least one full
> delicate cyanotype and a vandyke to see how they look.

I really like the cyanotype on papyrus, which is interesting because I
usually hate the look of untoned cyanotypes.  I think it's because of the
complementary color scheme that is created.

I also really like the warmtones of pt/pd (and I would imagine VDB,
although I haven't tried it yet) too.  I'd like to see some VDBs on the
papyrus if you get some successful prints done.

It's a beautiful paper to print on.  Definitely something I want to pursue

> (I should probably also say, for the record, I'm using Mike Ware's
> cyanotype chemistry and a 30 second .1M hydrocholoric acid rinse which
> really intensifies the blues.)

I was wondering about that.  The strong blues are very nice.  Have you
tried the classic cyanotype recipe?  It would be interesting to see a

Camden Hardy