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Re: gum curves

"because curves are developed for each individual pigment separately,
not for how the pigments work in combination with each other.  That,
IMO, is  why some people have reported that with PDN their tricolors
turn out too dark, because making individual curves doesn't take into
account that when you're doing tricolor, you need a lighter pigment
concentration than you're likely to use when you are printing a color
by itself.   It takes less of the three colors than you might think
to make a solid black in tricolor, and if you use all the colors at
full strength, you're going to darken the entire print,"

I pulled out this quote because, like I said regarding this conversation, I have been learning a hell of a lot and this is something I hadn't even thought about!

Gum printing is such a variable process (i.e. you can do it in so many different ways) that I think the "best" way of doing it is to commit to one method of printing and learn that method well so you know how YOUR process works.