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Re: George Eastman House grant travel awarded by MSU

You bet I will, Marilyn. I can't WAIT to see in person some of the old gums, and the reason I applied for the grant was the fact that they will not lend out particular books through ILL (for good reason) so I have to go there and read them. I'll be blabbing on the list soon enough.

BTW those living in NYC, there are some great resources at the NYPL, too.

I changed the subject line to make sure one realizes that the provost at MSU is the awarder, not the GEH orr soon the GEH will get a flood of requests for grants :)

Who are Osa and Martin Johnson??

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Hello Everyone,

I'm usually a lurker and I'm just catching up with my mail after being out of commission for a short while, but the George Eastman House Grant is such exciting mews I just have to say - Congratulations!

I've had some virtual contact with the George Eastman House concerning some research I'd been doing about Osa and Martin Johnson. The staff at GEH was nothing but helpful and pleasant to deal with.

I hope you let us know how your project goes, Christina.

Marilyn Dalrymple
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