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Re: George Eastman House grant travel awarded by MSU

" Who are Osa and Martin Johnson??"

Osa and Martin Johnson were a married couple who, in the 1920s and 1930s, brought exotic locals, animals and South Pacific tribes to America via photographs, film and books. They were an amazing couple and Osa, an extrodinary woman.

They soon became "family" with George Eastman, who backed several of the Johnson's safaris.

I was given the assignment to write a biography of Osa Johnson for the Women in Photography International Archive. Unfortunately, Peter Palmquist, head of the archive, died before the project could be completed, and the book is now in limbo.

I became fascinated with Osa - she touched my heart. There is an Martin & Osa Johnson Safari Museum in Chanute, Kansas (Osa's birthplace), and I continue my study of her just because I find her an intriguing subject.

I'm sure once you are at the George Eastman House you will see some memorabilia concerning Osa and Martin. I envy you - I wish I could be there.