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Re: Alt photo Podcast

Hi Camden,

I support the alt-process podcast idea but I do not feel expert enough to provide the content for them.

But, I am totally ready to work on the French translation in trhe same manner Alfonso will do for Spanish language.
Do you wish that ?


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A spanish translation sounds great.  If you're willing to help out with
that, I would be happy to set up two podcasts simultaneously; English and
Spanish.  If anyone else wants to translate them into other languages,
that's fine too.

Camden Hardy


On Sun, November 19, 2006 9:50 pm, Alfonso wrote:
Camden, I cannot help you with direct contribute because my english is
not good enough and also there are a lot of people knowing much better
than me about alt-proc. but i can help  making a good enough spanish
translation and then we will have billingual versions.
What do you think about?


2006/11/20, Camden Hardy <camden@hardyphotography.net>:
Alright, so since there's an interest in viewing the podcasts, I'll ask
more important question.

Is anyone willing to contirbute to the podcast?  Production quality
doesn't need to be the best, and it can be audio only if need be.

This podcast can't happen unless list members provide content.  I don't
want to be the main contributer for two reasons: 1) I'll be the first to
admit that many folks on this list know much more than I do about a
many things, and 2) I just don't have time.

Camden Hardy


On Sun, November 19, 2006 8:07 pm, Camden Hardy wrote:
> So before I invest any of my time into setting up a podcast for this
> (and anyone else who's interested), I need to know whether there's any
> interest in such a thing...otherwise, I won't bother.
> I've had two people tell me that it's a good idea, and I've gotten
> absolutely no feedback from anyone else.
> So, podcast...yes or no?
> Camden Hardy
> camden[at]hardyphotography[dot]net
> http://www.hardyphotography.net