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Re: Ware/Malde-Ziatype-DOP palladium,was RE: "New" Paper for Pt/Pd (and other iron processes, too)

In my experience, the brown produced by the Ware Malde method is a less yellow, more neutral to slightly reddish brown than the 'warm' tone you get from the hot potassium oxalate developed traditional FO process . I actually prefer the Ware/Malde tone.

You also mentioned thiourea toning. A wide range of tones are possible in that process by varying the base used to mix the redeveloper, the ratio of bleach to rehalogenating salt, and the type of salt, not to mention the type of paper and developer used on the front end. I have gotten everything from cold purple brown to the yellow brown you mentioned by modifying these variables.

I asked the question because the term "warm" is fairly vague. Sepia and
thiourea are both "warm" toners, but thiourea is more toward the yellow
end. "Warm" could mean red, yellow, pink (just kidding), etc. I'm
wondering whether one process is capable of producing warm colors that the
other can't.