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Re: Ware/Malde-Ziatype-DOP palladium,was RE: "New" Paper for Pt/Pd (and other iron processes, too)

> In my experience, the brown produced by the Ware Malde method is a
> less yellow, more neutral to slightly reddish brown than the 'warm'
> tone you get from the hot potassium oxalate developed traditional FO
> process . I actually prefer the Ware/Malde tone.

Thanks for the information, Clay.

> You also mentioned thiourea toning. A wide range of tones are
> possible in that process by varying the base used to mix the
> redeveloper, the ratio of bleach to rehalogenating salt, and the type
> of salt, not to mention the type of paper and developer used on the
> front end. I have gotten everything from cold purple brown to the
> yellow brown you mentioned by modifying these variables.

I had a feeling someone would call me on that one, hehe.  I knew it was a
bad analogy, but it was the best I could come up with at the time.

Camden Hardy