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Re: more and more and more solarplate

Depends on how fast you scrub.  ;-)

You raise an excellent point Susan.  I generally give a larger plate a few more seconds, and do actually try to scrub faster (but not harder), but maybe I should be giving it more time as well...but how much more? 

This might explain why larger plates I've been working on have been coming out lighter!  Maybe I double my washout time for bigger plates?

Loving this discussion.  Having 6 heads with domain knowledge all thinking about the same problem.


taylordow wrote:

It has to. So when I process a smaller test plate, I'll "scrub" a larger area as if it were a full size plate. I would normally give a washout of 2mins or more.


On Mar 7, 2007, at 9:21 AM, SusanV wrote:

Regarding washout time...  the size of the plate has to be a factor here doesn't it?  Think of how many more "scrubbing brush strokes" a 5x7 plate gets in 35 seconds, as compared to a 16x20 plate.

On 3/7/07, SusanV <susanvoss3@gmail.com> wrote:
Keith--- Interesting about the washout time.  I can't remember though what you had been using as washout time...?