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Re: more and more and more solarplate

I think I guesstimated once it was something like 240-300 dpi.  Had a client say recently that even under a lupe the dots in the prints from the plate I made for him with the 1800 dpi screen were essentially invisible.  Granted that particular print had a bit of plate tone...but it was quite the compliment nonetheless. 

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SusanV wrote:
Jon... I'm using the same screen as Keith (Dan Weldon's).  I'm getting basically the same exposure times as you, adjusted for my 1000w Nuarc.( about 44 sec each exposure)  I wish I knew what resolution this screen is... I keep trying to count dots, but then I blink and well....


On 3/8/07, taylordow <taylordow@sprintmail.com> wrote:

The exposure times are very close to what Jon suggests, 10-11secs for
a 5K lightsource. This is much less than I would have usually have
exposed the plate for (45secs). From the very quick test I ran, there
is definitely a deeper black although the midtones don't seem to have
shifted at all. With such a short exposure/washout, I was worried
that it might be uneven but it's actually very uniform, even in a
smooth grey sky.

I have never liked deep blacks or stark whites in my work, preferring
some tone in the highlights, and detail that you have to look for in
the shadows; the km73s give you that plate tone in the highlights.
But with Jon's method I may have to be careful, for the blacks are so

As I mentioned before, I've played with numerous combinations of
screen and image exposures and every time, the best was always 50:50
(+or- 10%).


On Mar 8, 2007, at 9:40 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

What effect did you notice with shorter washout?

Longley exposes the positive on KM73 for about 3 minutes ( 2.5 in
summer sun) and then the aquatint on top for 1 minute.  I find that
an interesting combo of times...

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