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Re: polymer plate drying time

So Keith,

Do you have any problems with the KM73s and OHP with those patches plaguing the rest of us? How do you mitigate them?

Someone recently suggested I try spraying a little silicon spray onto a rag and buffing the plate. Seems that Solarplates have a slightly viscous quality to them while the KM73s are more tacky. I'm probably going to test both with a light buffing of silicon AND 4 passes with the Kyrlon 1303 this weekend and see which, if either, work.

Drying seemed to help the durability quite a bit. No scratches after 7 prints. Thanks again for that feedback and advice!


Keith Taylor wrote:

I'm not sure about the effects of drying AFTER the post-exposure, but my post-exposures of screen+image exposure mean they are all around the 30 sec mark and I haven't noticed any problems. Occasionally I'll double it to be safe (no scientific reasoning!) and certainly going to about 5 mins wouldn't hurt.

I think it's Boxcar that warns against using certain plate cleaners after printing, for fear that they'll dry the polymer out too much and that splits and cracks will appear over time. Could it be that prolonged post-exposure might have the same effect?


On Mar 15, 2007, at 7:33 PM, Jon Lybrook wrote:

Do you suppose drying the plate after post-exposure would have the same effect? I'm thinking about plates I've already got but haven't printed yet..
I can't see doing a post-exposure for the the time of my screen/image plus some like you do though Keith. That would only be less than 30 seconds for me! I think once the plate becomes the nice blue-green hue as opposed to the light green it's probably good to go though, don't you?
The new Toyobo plate sounds like something I should certainly try as well...especially with the finer dot screen I use.