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desktop pubs was Re: "Dick Stevens' book."

If you want to try an alternative to pagemaker try scribus

Its free, will run on mac windows and linux.

Don't know if its "mature" enough for serious use.

I haven't used it enough to judge how it compares with pagemaker - haven't 
used pagemaker for 15+ years either.


On March 22, 2007 5:26:26 am Erie Patsellis wrote:
> I agree, Pagemaker isn't the same since Adobe bought Aldus (hopefully
> that statement isn't showing my age). I can remember using framemaker on
> a NEXTCube, now that's vintage, though it was stable as hell, and
> display postscript that worked properly.
> erie
> Judy Seigel wrote:
> > Eric wrote:
> >> When will I read it again? Perhaps after I get done playing with
> >> Lightroom
> >> and beating Adobe up for not allowing NON maximized PSD files to be
> >> imported
> >> or that there is no way to export a text file of those files that
> >> don't get
> >> imported for any number of reasons.  I also have a boat load of
> >> images just
> >> waiting to be processed.
> >
> > Oh boy Eric, if you want to beat up on Adobe, I'm with you.  I can't
> > begin to describe the ways they lied and stole and screwed up.... tho
> > that was Pagemaker, and some of it probably wasn't lies, just
> > stupidity.  But every assurance they gave me about the (expensive)
> > upgrade making PDFs easier, then about how and what programs would
> > make those PDFs, then about which versions of, eg acrobat, would work
> > with which version of PM -- my head spins. Finally one of their wonder
> > boys assured me that if I installed Pagemaker in system 10 it would
> > work out of classic in 9.2, which screwed up the entire computer so
> > much I can't use the program even with a reinstall... and did you ever
> > see the pages in a PDF turn to blur? I have. (And that's not the half
> > of it.)
> >
> > Little did I realize that "Analog Woman in Digital Hell" (Post-Factory
> > #1) was the honeymoon.  I can't say of course that I forgive you
> > entirely and forget the 500 thou... but I can definitely relate. (And
> > there is the theory that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend.")
> >
> > cheers,
> >
> >
> > Judy

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