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Re: CS3

Liam Lawless wrote:
So far I'm not overly impressed with the beta version of CS3 that I'm trying
on the laptop. Trying to paint with the healing brush, I get a line of
spots instead of a line. The familiar printer dialogue has been replaced
with a simplified interface that appears not to offer the same level of
control. Help is not available in CS3, but the worst thing is that the
transfer function has been dropped, or maybe hidden somewhere else.

They're my main complaints at the moment, and I wonder if some of them are
due to compatibility issues with Windows Vista. Anyone know a way to make
curves without using transfer functions, or where to find decent information
on CS3?



The .atf file format for transforms is quite straightforward. If you do not discover the feature in CS3 and when I am less busy I can write a small program to generate them. I haven't explored the .acv format for curves yet but it is possibly equally simple so it would be just as easy to produce .acv files directly.

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