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Thanks for your kind offer which I might want to talk to you about again one
day, but I have now found the transfer function dialogue.  (Though I had
read somewhere on the web that it has been dropped from CS3.)  For the
benefit of anyone as dim as myself, I'll describe how I got to it.

It used to be under File>Print With Preview in PS7, but now it appears not
in Photoshop, but buried in my printer dialogue box.  Mine's an Epson 1290
(same as 1280 in US), and on the right-hand side of the box it's possible to
select "Colour Management" or "Output".  Colour Management is the default
setting, but change it to Output and all the old stuff that I used to see in
Print With Preview appears: Calibration Bars, Registration Marks, Corner
Crop Marks, etc.  And Transfer Function appears under the heading


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Liam Lawless wrote:
> So far I'm not overly impressed with the beta version of CS3 that I'm
> on the laptop.  Trying to paint with the healing brush, I get a line of
> spots instead of a line.  The familiar printer dialogue has been replaced
> with a simplified interface that appears not to offer the same level of
> control.  Help is not available in CS3, but the worst thing is that the
> transfer function has been dropped, or maybe hidden somewhere else.
> They're my main complaints at the moment, and I wonder if some of them are
> due to compatibility issues with Windows Vista.  Anyone know a way to make
> curves without using transfer functions, or where to find decent
> on CS3?
> Thanks,
> Liam
The .atf file format for transforms is quite straightforward. If you do 
not discover the feature in CS3 and when I am less busy I can write a 
small program to generate them. I haven't explored the .acv format for 
curves yet but it is possibly equally simple so it would be just as easy 
to produce .acv files directly.

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