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Re: Unknown areas in Gum printing?, etc.

Katharine, I beg you please stop implying that people were mocking Jacek - this is absolutely not the fact; eventually you're the only person who takes this incident that way (in other words: who doesn't get it) and turning it into another thing (in other words: twisting it). My comment was referring to the discussion between Christina and Terry King... Tada!

Please don't do what you're most complaintive about this list.

Apparently this highly unpleasant (but still informative) thread was caused by me because I've read Marek's message without paying enough attention.

(Sorry for the "in other words" notes - but I feel it would be dishonest to not express my feelings in a very exact / direct manner.)

Quoting Katharine Thayer <kthayer@pacifier.com>:

Jacek's step tablets printed on unhardened gelatin on Fabriano didn't
show any problems of staining or other problems; he got a reasonable
number of steps for the pigment mix he was using, as I recall, with no
stain.   Yes, his pigment mix was a little weak, but that was probably
my fault, because I scared him into cutting way back on the pigment by
saying that beginners tend to use too much lamp black.  But that's got
nothing to do with the fact that he was printing on unhardened gelatin,
and as I'll say for one last time, there was nothing particularly
ridiculous about the results that he showed, or about his idea  of
using gelatin without a hardener.  There's some good precedent for
doing just that.