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Re: Why did Nadeau bug Echague re the Fresson secrets??

Dave, I knew what you meant about us maturing as a group, in fact I was thinking the same thing about myself the other day when someone brought up the Zimmerman article and I couldn't remember whether I'd ever tried to replicate it or not. I would have thought I I had, but if I had I would have reported to the list, and searching the archives with my name and "Zimmerman" didn't bring up anything. So, it's a mystery to me.

It reminds me in a way of one of my favorite cartoons, picturing two elderly women sitting on a park bench; one of them says to the other "Was I the smart one and you were the pretty one, or was it the other way around?" It all kind of stops mattering after a certain point. :--)

On May 23, 2007, at 10:22 AM, Dave Soemarko wrote:

Time flies, doesn't it? I recently sent something to Judy,
something I promised to send but for the reason of moving/job
change didn't get to do it. When she received it, she has
forgotten what it was for.

We are all getting, mmmm, let's say more mature, aren't we?   :)

That was a general comment on how I felt time has passed. I didn't mean to
say specifically about Judy or that she is forgetful. What happened was I
promised something but then didn't send it for about 6 years!