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RE: Jose Ortiz-Echague and Fresson

I believe Nadeau calls/called his process 'Fressontype'.

At one point in time Nadeau was interested in selling his/the machine.  As I 
recall he wanted on the order of $5,000 to view it under the premise that 
this fee would be applied to the purchase price.  He also wanted a non-
disclosure agreement.  I believe the Echague museum had expressed some 
interest but I don't believe anything transpired.

Hm . . . I myself think we will yet see it on ebay.

Has anyone out there ever viewed a 'Fressontype' print from Nadeau ?


On Tue, 22 May 2007 23:11:01 -0400, Dave Soemarko wrote
> > Mind you, all these musings are from a 
> > Fresson-unknowledgeable person:  Why do you think Nadeau 
> > bugged Echague and not Fressons for the machine/formula?
> Chris, I seem to remember Luis mentioned bits and pieces about this
> somewhere. I can't remember, however, whether it was in his "Direct Carbon"
> book or on the list here. If you search the archive for Fresson or direct
> carbon print and read Luis's posts you might find some information there.
> Dave

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