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Re: Attn. Jack Fulton + All re sawdust

Jack, This is going to be my last posting, today, as my brain is knackered with trying to assess what's in it. But ,SAWDUST, I dont think so. Only Fressonophiles use that and I am not one of those.
                   Water squirting garden sprays, not the very fine misters that Judy has said she has used for Gum, but the ones with a variable nozzle, do the job for me much better. Direct Carbon emulsions, I have found, need a stronger squirter than  Gum.
              I guess yourself  like some of us elder fuddy dudies on this List are retired people of leisure,  by now, since we last corresponded. Are you still into some kind of  alt photo image making for yourself? I never did thank you for the postcard which is still on the mantle shelf.
                       Later.  Grafist aka  John -Photographist - London - UK
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And John, you Graphist you, happy to hear your visual voice again.
How is that sawdust process working out for you these days?

On May2007, at 11:45 AM, John Grocott wrote:

Sorry Jack, Because of the phrasing I might have given the impression that I believed an emulsion was screened onto paper in the Fresson/ DC process.
This implication was not intended but  on pondering on it I suppose an emulsion may be applied this way. From what you've seen of DC prints, if they were similar to the work of Echague, at least, I would also not think that screening was used.
               Glad you' re still around.
                 Regards. John - Photographist - London - UK