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Re: The Woodburytype and Stannotype Processes

Absolutely Cor. That is who they were and you're correct in regard to the pressure. You'll remember that lovely purplish warm color and the dimensional quality, ever so slight, of the sample(s). Really nice, and typical enthusiastic Dutch, fellows. I'll bet that somewhere in all my now well buried notes I have their names. But, somehow, I had felt they were on the way to finding out how to do it. Dick Sullivan may remember them as well.

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Do any of you who attended the first APIS gathering put on by Terry King in Bath?
A couple of men from I cannot remember where, came with examples of Woodburytypes and an
explanation of how they were made. they were also attempting to revive the process as I remember.
Like Luis Nadeau and the Fresson process, but perhaps better ascribed to the one no one really knows how to repeat it, the Autochrome by the Lumiere Bros., I don't think anyone alive today could make a Woodburytype . . . right?


I was there also..I think you are perhaps referring to 2 dutch guys; Johan de Zoete and jan van Dijk.

AFAIK they were trying to revive the woodburytype process, but were unable to do so because the press needed was not obtainable. It seems you need quite incredible pressure to make the Woodburytype moulds (sp?). I vaguely remember that there was once a message on this list of an australian guy (not sure) who had tracked down such a rusty defunct press, he posted a link to a few photographs..