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RE: Was Re: Bromoil Video, now oil printing

>  But the way I remember it working, the gum was exposed with 
> a positive rather than a negative, developed and carefully 
> dried, and then when the oil paint was applied, the oil 
> adhered where there was no exposure, where there was plain 
> paper, and didn't adhere where there was hardened gum, which 
> the oil wouldn't stick to.

Oh, yes, yes, yes! That is the correct version. Thanks Katharine, and sorry
Chris, for the confusion.

I never tried it myself. It sounds messy, and just by "imagining" the
process, I think it is going to be difficult for midtone because you will
have to depend on how much ink can get into the paper depending on how much
gum was developed out.

I think he accidentally "stumble" into digital negative and found it worked
well. For digital negative I can see it working better because it is binary
(especially when you are not using layering of tones to approximate