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Re: vernis soehnee

As I recall he had an earlier book just about gum, title Gummidruck...
tho that could be just wishful remembering for my lost prize. I think I can check that, though.
I've got his Der Gummidruck which if I could translate the German correctly, looks like it is part of Lichtbildernei, not a separate book.

However Puyo and Demachy published a book in 1906 (Photo Club de Paris) titled en francais "Art Processes in Photography." I translated some of the introduction (with help !) also in Post-Factory #1, tho as I recall the book did a number of processes, including oil printing. Don't know if it's been printed in English in its entirety, but I just loved the introduction.
Yeah, I have it here, the whole book--luckily I can read French, but that one is a long one.

Meanwhile, the Practical Photographer Series #14 of May 1905 (which I do have) was all about gum -- articles by many gum printers (including Demachy,) which -- though they don't reference *any* of them -- are probably reprints from earlier publications. (And -- uh oh -- flipping through it now I see things I meant to try & didn't -- did I say "uh oh!"?)
Got that, too and that is SUPERB.

I think Demachy's first how-to on gum was 1894: & he says he learned it from a fellow customer -- in about 2 sentences-- at his photo supply store in 1889. (So what's OUR problem that it takes so long?)
Maskell talked about it in the BJP 1894. First "Aquatint" book came out in 1897.

Chris, was the Ladevez text intended as an art process or commercial? (Think I saw it somewhere, but it failed to stick.)
Hmmm....dunno--it's a text/book just like all the other Gummidruck books, but my guess is it would be an art process book.

 But there were several other
books entitled Der Gummidruck by Gaedicke, Behrens, Meyer, Hofmeister, etc. If you do a search at Worldcat.org on "gummidruck" that is where I located a lot of those titles at first, and George Eastman House had a number of them, Austin has Hofmeister... Actually, the German/Austrian texts are absolutely wonderful, earliest one is 1898 (Gaedicke), earliest text about gum all told is Rouille Ladeveze 1894 which I also was able to photocopy...then several from England around 1898 on, of course Maskell and Demachy in there, too. I have quite a few books from 1898-1904 era.

I have a lot of articles either photocopied or jpgd and will ultimately, when done with them, get them up on a website somewhere. Thom Mitchell gave me the good idea to have a student keyword the articles and put them in a searchable database. But that's a loooonnnnngggg time ahead.