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Re: New Blog on the block

I stand here chastened. I just thought everyone knew. ...

You know, that line never worked when I was a teenager, either.


Clay Harmon

Actually, this so-called blog ( Whenever I use the word 'blog', I feel like I ought to be sitting around in my living room in my underwear sipping warm Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer for breakfast as I expose more examples of the liberal media bias to the undeserving world) was still in a not-ready-for-prime-time state as I figured out how to use the Wordpress software. I guess some people adept at typing words like 'camera' into google found the site and outed me. I am still undecided about how the thing looks - it skirts dangerously close to Cracker Barrel cheesiness - and if the world needs yet another exceedingly narrow source of arcane information about a camera format left for dead.

I'm thinking of calling it a clog, as a conjunction of Clay's Blog. That word has just the right sense of stolid woodenness, impracticality and likelihood of causing some discomfort.

O going to express my amazement and nothing to do with humidity, material, or paper. How is it possible to write a "blog" with the first person pronoun used amply throughout, yet nowhere in maybe several thousand words IDENTIFY yourself, which is to say, reveal your name, or at least: "photo resident of Kingwood Texas."