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Re: New Blog on the block

On Wed, 22 Aug 2007, Clay Harmon wrote:

I stand here chastened. I just thought everyone knew. ...

You know, that line never worked when I was a teenager, either.
OK, so your whole plate photographer buddies were "everyone" until Don Bryant took a notion to invite anyone, and someone who was "no one" stumbled in on her 2 flat feet, proving, as you probably know, that everything you think you know is something or someone else.

(You may however be wasting your talents on whole plate, since you do innocence so well. Have you ever thought of serious crime?)

Meanwhile, you mentioned the 2D, which leads me to mention that I bought a Kodak 2 D, probably 20 years ago, I forget for how much, at a photographica fair (remember when we still had them?). I'd planned to use it to make 8x10 negatives directly instead of by enlargement, but never got around to it. So it sits in my living room as a still life, drawing much attention from whoever sees it. I drew it for the cover of Post-Factory #1, & the lens came out looking like Prince Philip, so I added the "Diana" camera dancing in the sky with butterfly wings.



Clay Harmon

Actually, this so-called blog ( Whenever I use the word 'blog', I feel like I ought to be sitting around in my living room in my underwear sipping warm Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer for breakfast as I expose more examples of the liberal media bias to the undeserving world) was still in a not-ready-for-prime-time state as I figured out how to use the Wordpress software. I guess some people adept at typing words like 'camera' into google found the site and outed me. I am still undecided about how the thing looks - it skirts dangerously close to Cracker Barrel cheesiness - and if the world needs yet another exceedingly narrow source of arcane information about a camera format left for dead.

I'm thinking of calling it a clog, as a conjunction of Clay's Blog. That word has just the right sense of stolid woodenness, impracticality and likelihood of causing some discomfort.

O going to express my amazement and nothing to do with humidity, material, or paper. How is it possible to write a "blog" with the first person pronoun used amply throughout, yet nowhere in maybe several thousand words IDENTIFY yourself, which is to say, reveal your name, or at least: "photo resident of Kingwood Texas."