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Re: Mowiol for gum

Hi Dave,
It is 10 grs on 100 ml dist. water; but this is true for the 8-88 , and according to KremerPigment they produce now the 4-88. When i contacted them, they told me you have to double, so 20 grs to 100 ml.
Here is the link :


By the way, i used it for gumprinting and in my experience the mixing with pigment (and watercolor) was a bit messy, and the coating was not so easy compared to gum arabic; the resulting print showed no difference.

Just for info:
A time ago a book was published by a dutch writer about gum-arabic; not in respect to gum printing, just out of curiosity she was fascinated by the history of it, the fact that it is still not possible to plant acacia trees in order to 'produce' gum. People have to look for places in some areas of Africa to find the stuff; it becomes more and more something like gold. She describes the use of gum over the years and the astonishing fact was that until now industry is not able to produce a chemical substitue for gum in the food industry.


On 25 aug 2007, at 21:23, Dave Soemarko wrote:

Hi Dave,
	On the box is written:

	Polyvinyl alcohol 8-88 ; small clear crystals , if you want to
   use it and needs some info about percentages etc. just ask.
Hi Henk,

How do you use it? Do it mix it up with water and use it like gum?

What percentage do you use? (Just a rough idea would be fine because I am
not ready to make any test/printing yet. I am still in the process of
unpacking boxes but am getting there).