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RE: copper prints was: Anyone doing autochrome?

Title: RE: copper prints was: Anyone doing autochrome?


I worked a bit on copper printing,after Judy showed me a promising article on it by Chris Patton. I wrote my results up for Post Factory. Chris Patton has a web asite up at: http://pinhole.stanford.edu/cp.htm, and he has also some info on my results at: http://silverghost.stanford.edu/copper/index.html

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Subject: copper prints  was: Anyone doing autochrome?

Chris wrote:
>(much deleated here) Then, this guy also did a copper sulfate print which
>was really quite beautiful, reminiscent of Bernie Bertridge's cupric print
>at APIS.  I think it might have been Obernetter's formula, or something he
>devised himself. So that could be done in tandem with a cyanotype demo--a
>pink print and a blue print.  And copper sulfate is cheap.  If you want, I
>could email him and ask his formula.
> Chris
I would love to know Bernie's formula/method and any other copper method.
Charles  Portland OR