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Re: inkjet transfer

Hi all,

Although I have not done inkjet transfer on my own yet, I once did a
quick sample as part of a workshop with Dorothy Simpson Krause, one of
the contributors to the book under discussion. The three artists who
wrote the book show a bit of their work on this site:

and Krause has a site with lots of her wonderful work here:

The link directly above is a gallery of work with lots of descriptions
of transfer techniques (with InkAid etc) she uses. Click on a
thumbnail image to get to a page that describes the transfer technique

Karen Molloy


On 9/11/07, henk thijs <henk.thijs@hetnet.nl> wrote:
> Hi Judy,
> With InkAid you can make paper like Fabriano or Magnani a.o. suitable for
> inkjet printing.
> For inkjetransfer you coat a sheet of polyester with Inkaid to make it
> 'printable'  (or make a digital neg!) and by adding some Golden acrylic flow
> release you can transfer.
> For me the rabbit glue i.s.o. Inkaid works perfect (and it is easier to get
> and far more cheaper).
> cheers,
> Henk
> Henk, what is Inkaid?
> Is the process you describe above in the "Digital Art Studio" book you
> mention?  It's tempting, but I've already got too many digital books that
> don't give what they promise, so I hesitate.  (The authors think the info is
> on the page, but it's only in their heads -- and the "editors" think it's
> all voodoo, so stick with spellcheck...if that.)
> I do however recall that Jill Enfield had a section on inkjet transfer in
> her alt process book...  Assuming I find it, I'll check... (She was always
> very clear... perhaps from being an experienced *teacher.*)
> J.