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Re: the grammar of photographic writers

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, Don Sweet wrote:

Hi Judy

The term I would use to describe a construction like "we the people" is apposition. The first word is defined by the other two words. Metonymy is use of one word as a symbol for another, eg "the War of the Roses" using the emblems of the houses of Lancaster and York (red and white roses respectively) to represent the rival armies.

Oh, I like "apposition"! Excellent....

Now just for fun I mention that when I checked the dictionary for the spelling of "metonymy," it gave two examples, one of them American -- namely, "the White House" for "president."

Well, I thought it was amusing... Anyway, I'm getting to like this "Oxford American Dictionary," despite its weird typography: It's portable, hence handier than the unabridged, which requires a voyage across the room (and has anyway permitted its type to get too small for human consumption).