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Re: pinhole negatives without electricity?

Judy wrote:

> Oh wow... that's terrific Catherine... It's almost too romantic and -- 
> what can I call it? -- visionary? to imitate.  Tho, on the other hand, it
> could become a yearly festival, renowned world wide, like "Burning Man" in
> California -- only better, because it has direction, or *focus* (other
> than releasing carbon into the air and/or showing off).

These days I reckon that a recreation  of  that little journey/concept with
film processing as-you-go,  quite literally would  resemble the 'Burning
man' event in California (which looks pretty neat BTW). Plenty of
opportunity for a good fire and no water - it is so dry and brown here. A
couple of weeks back I looked at the dry bed of the Lachlan river.

I'd be interested to see what your friend comes up with.