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Re: pinhole negatives without electricity?

From: SusanV <susanvoss3@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: pinhole negatives without electricity?
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 19:27:18 -0400

> I was thinking I'd use it and then scan the
> positives.... but Bob or somebody up there talked about
> negatives from it.... is this one of the types that gives a
> negative too?

Type 55 is very popular film that gives both negative and
positive. You can google and find a lot of info. You want to
carry a sodium sulfite solution (or washing aid solution) in a
leak-proof tupperware if you want to peel the Polaroid in the
field to see and keep the negative film for later use. You
also want to give about one extra stop of exposure if you want
good negative, but at that point the positive looks
overexposed. You can't get both right at the correct exposure
from one film, but the overexposed positive is good enough to
confirm the composition while the correctly exposed negative
is good for later printing.

Ryuji Suzuki