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Re: pinhole negatives without electricity?

Hi Judy

We have been enjoying a long weekend; I hope these comments are not too late
to be of some use.

Your friend could load the pinhole cameras with pieces of enlarging paper to
be treated as negatives, as you suggest.  If she uses a changing bag she
could do that in daylight, and after exposure use the changing bag again to
load the negatives into some of those print tubes that people use to have
for Cibachrome printing.  (There seem to be plenty of them around, and they
can be used without their roller motors).  The students could then process
their own negatives in daylight, and hang them out to dry before the
printing stage.

The major concern I have is whether enlarging paper would make suitable
negatives for cyanotype printing. If the paper is laced with optical
brighteners it may reflect all the uv light off the white areas, so it would
effectively be totally opaque.  Using lith film may be better.

Don Sweet

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> On Mon, 22 Oct 2007, Catherine Rogers wrote:
> > Hi Judy,
> >
> > About 20 years ago a group of us - students and artists - spent 2 weeks
> > walking and camping along a river in far western New South Wales
> > painting, sculpting, making cameras and taking photographs. (The Lachlan
> > for the Aussies on the list).
> >
> > I hope this account is of some use
> Oh wow... that's terrific Catherine... It's almost too romantic and -- 
> what can I call it? -- visionary? to imitate.  Tho, on the other hand, it
> could become a yearly festival, renowned world wide, like "Burning Man" in
> California -- only better, because it has direction, or *focus* (other
> than releasing carbon into the air and/or showing off).
> Anyway, I forward it with many thanks. Friend will be enchanted
> --- as am I, in fact, tho I am not now nor have I ever been "outdoor
> type."  (In fact I probably enjoyed your account more than I would the
> reality: -- all of the romance and none of the mosquito bites.)
> Judy