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Re: Paper negative example (was: Bleach-development with gum)

On Dec 1, 2007, at 9:29 AM, Dave Soemarko wrote:
Well, this one certainly looks more familiar, but that is not the one I had
seen either. The one that I saw was a fully seated one. Maybe you posted it
on some other web site? Was it Bostick-Sullivan?

Hmm. I haven't actually taken that many pictures of myself, and I don't think there are any like that. There are only two other gum prints with myself as subject, one of which is on my website, and the other of which I don't think I've posted on the web, since it's a nude, but you can't see my face in either one of them. Here's the one on my website, if you're interested. I'm rather fond of it, not because it's me, but because I love the colors and the shapes.


I agree that you and that woman don't really look-a-like, but there is
something the reminds one of another. That sometimes happen. Like when you
see someone, you think of another person.

I know what you mean.

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Katharine wrote:

I did mean to post the URL so you could check your memory.
It may be you're thinking of someone else, as I don't look
much like the woman in the picture I posted yesterday.