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Re: Paper Negatives and Alt Process

Hi Katharine,

Thank you very much for your interest in my work and website. There is
considerably more material in my notes that I would like to compile and
upload to the site if I have the opportunity.

Your question I've had to think about for a bit though. I'm not sure whether
I chose the process or it chose me. In addition to tri color gum, I have
also worked with Bromoil and Rawlins Oil. Making oil paper from scratch is
much like making carbon tissue and they are both gelatin based, so perhaps
it may have been somewhat of a natural progression.

I had been very taken by the look of a carbon print some decade and a half
ago, but I was too intimidated by the process to have the wherewithal to try
it. I started working with tricolor gum because I had the desire to see some
of my prints in color (and not inkjetted), but I always had the vision of
that carbon print nibbling at the back of my mind. Then I was without a
workspace for a few years, but once I was able to get a new darkroom
operational some three years ago, I decided to go for it and give carbon
transfer a try. I guess I just fell in love with the process and I have been
hooked ever since.

On another level, it may have been the mystique and challenge of the
process, aided by a goodly amount of beginners luck, that got me started.



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> Hi Andrea,
> I like your website and am  studying your research notes with
> interest.  I may have specific questions later, but one general
> question first:  I'm curious why you decided to tackle tricolor
> carbon rather than sticking with tricolor gum,  since you mention
> that you have done tricolor gum in the past.
> Katharine