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Re: "hydrocote" is spelled.....(?)

I have prints finished that way as old as 4 years. No cracking, no
yellowing. I have not tried to fold and/or bend them excessively, though...
(I mean past normal handling conditions.) It gives a hard, impermeable
surface but it looks quite flexible in the same time. (I guess it should be
that way, since wood is not a quite dimensionally stable material - if I'm
not mistaking.)


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> Subject: RE: "hydrocote" is spelled.....(?)
> Hi Loris,
> I missed the discussion the first time. How long have you been using it? The
> manufacturer's web site says it is "super tough, super hard...
> polyurethane." Sometimes that means it will harden more and more as time
> goes, and I suppose that is good for wood application; but in photo or
> painting application (except maybe for oil painting that is mounted on
> wood), it means that it can crack as you bend the paper.
> We might have similar issue with Photempera (or I forgot what Peter Fredrick
> later called it), but I mentioned to Pete that in egg tempera painting, one
> is warned/advised to mount the finished painting on rigid background because
> egg hardens more and more in time, so a painting might crack when bended.
> Pete said it was a good info and he would take that into consideration in
> his finished prints.
> I don't know if this needs to be a concern for us. What is the longest print
> that you have with this coating on?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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>> Judy,
>> I provided you info about the product before, will quote again:
>> The supreme finish of all, short of polyester. A super tough,
>> super hard, non-yellowing polyurethane that is UV stable to
>> meet the most demanding wood surface protection, interior and
>> exterior. Designed for finishing and refinishing of all
>> interior and exterior wood furniture, kitchen cabinets, table
>> tops, counter tops, office furniture, flooring, children's
>> furniture and toys, school desks, pews, bathroom fixtures and
>> above waterline marine woodwork. Highly versatile - apply by
>> brush, spray or wipe on. Self-sealing (for exterior
>> application), or seal with our Clear Wood Sealer (for
>> interior application), if so desired."
>> I can't see any mention of "amber tone" in the the
>> description (unless crypted in a manner I can't understand),
>> and the product I have / use is perfectly neutral (both in
>> the can and after application) and it absolutely does not
>> tint the image in any way.
>> Also, it dries completely in about 2-3 hours. Actually, the
>> finish itself hardens and loose its tackiness in about 30
>> minutes but since the paper is humid after application, it
>> takes another 1.5 - 2.5 hours to consider the finished print
>> completely dry.
>> IIRC, Don also was using / have tried Hydrocote -> maybe he
>> can also share his experience with this product. My
>> experience is as stated above...
>> Regards,
>> Loris.