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RE: Sandy's new camera

On Wed, 12 Dec 2007, Dave S wrote:

The figure, well, the head of the figure, is indeed the size of the letter
"e", but I just found that if you click on the picture, it will bring up a
slighlty larger version. On the second one, the picture is  a little
clearer. If I see Sandy on the street, I still wouldn't be able to recognize
him though.    :-)
The figure was originally 2 cms high, that is, smaller than my thumbnail, when I clicked on it it got 3 cms high, slightly larger than my thumbnail... with exactly ZERO definition: the overall figure is black and the face is a uniform gray (and this of course from the absolute *master* of definition). It's also on an easel well behind the camera in question so there's no relation of scale. That is, it's a miniature --like a picture on the wall.... -- & could be my brother-in-law (if I had one).

I want to see Sandy wielding this mammoth camera.

I admit I'm sort of teasing -- but not entirely. Wouldn't it be edifying to get a sense of this actual operation? Especially for us non ULF-ers.

Meanwhile, Sandy says:

"Gosh, sure don't want to be remembered as the little "e"! Perhaps I could
take one of those Cialis pills and get a four hour erection and position
myself nude just in front of the camera to show proportion?"

Of course that would be cool... but watch out: I understand that can be quite painful...


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On Tue, 11 Dec 2007, Sandy King wrote:


But there was a picture of me in all three of the pictures.
Just look
at that round picture in the background!! That is a
portrait of me by
Sam Wang in the same room!! See that round picture in the
I thought it was pretty obvious, but maybe it got lost in
the shuffle.
But I am definitely in the picture, all three times!!


Well I'll check it again, Sandy, but as I recall those
"figures" were about the size of this letter "e"..... Maybe
your monitor is the size of a mural (tho mine is bigger than
a bread box -- but of course smaller than a