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2 things to see in NYC

#1. I figured I've seen Seurat & who wants to pay MoMA $20? But I had an "art date" with a friend & the Seurat sketchbook show was her first choice. So we went on Monday -- an all too brief visit since (unannounced) they closed early for Xmas Eve.

The show is on til January 7th, and IMO could enlighten any photographer. The drawings (so many you get worn out by the end) are NOT photographic, but besides the marvelous drawings themselves, it's thrilling to see those monochromes blow the razzle-dazzle pointilist paintings hung with them out of the water.

The Black Power of those scribbles and cross hatchings in monochrome (conte crayon) & relatively small scale (sketchbook size) -- was amazing. See them if you can. (But leave time to see the Martin Puryear sculptures too... we only got a glimpse as the Museum closed at 3.)

#2. In Thursday's NY Times: Dan Eldon's "The Journey Is the Destination." Eldon was a Reuters photographer murdered in Somalia in 1993. The book was made from his journals, scrapbooks and thousands of photographs among his effects... especially collages of drawing, painting and photographs, many of them published as a book by Chronicle in 1997 -- an inspiration. (In fact I have it lost around here somewhere.)

The new Candela/Decker gallery at 31 Crosby Street (between Broome & Grand in lower Soho) has a permanent show of the work. (Candella is his mother.)

Googling Candella/Decker for the address (which the Times thoughtfully failed to provide) brought up more pictures of the photographer and his work. I think also at nytimes.com/design.