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Thank you for you text, it just i am very difficult in Enfglish and i don' t understand all
Merci Yves, je suis désolé je ne comprend pas tout en Anglais
Now on my web site, i insert the patent of Sury Color of 1924 in Frenc and in Englis, i hope the list appreciate my work
Maintenant, j'ai mis sur mon site le brecet du procédé Color de Joseph Sury de 1924 en Français et aussi en Anglis, j'espère que la liste apprécie ce geste gratuit de ma part
Oui bien sûr, Yves, tu peux traduire la version française de mon site sur le procédé Color en Anglais. Moi, je suis incapable de le faire
Je ne répond pas aux questions sur le procédé Sury, non pas parce que je ne veux pas mais parce que j'en suis incapable, sorry
Merci de traduire
Happy new years of the list and a good work with the sury process
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Date : 2/01/2008 17:17:02
Sujet : Re: Réf. : Sury & Misonne
Phillippe and to all others as well,
There seems to be some interest about Sury's work and his process. Phillippe as practically no knowledge of english but in french even I have some difficulty to follow him. With this said, I could try to translate the information he as graciously put on his website, of course if Chistina or any others here on the list are working on this already, please let me know. I would like to know if this interest you seem to have is just curiosity or if my effort would be useful and be of some benefit to the community. I know some of you are teachers and a translation might be useful, just let me know either on the list or offlist, I don't mind.
PS Phillippe, j'offre de traduire la documentation que tu as si gentiment mis a la disposition des autres sur ton site, si cela peu etre utile evidemment.
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Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 11:17 AM
Subject: Réf. : Sury & Misonne

"Autour de Léonard Misonne" a Book by René  Debanterlé, Marc-Emmanuel Mélon, Dominique Polain "Musée de la Photographie / Charleroi
112 pages, many photography, many textes
A very nice modern book on Léonard Misonne
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Date : 01/01/08 17:03:25
Sujet : Sury & Misonne
> However, I doubt the articles were written by Missone. Wasn't he...
> um, Belgian?  Or something middle Europa? These were in elegant,
> fluent, sophisticated, perfect English. True, many folks are
> elegantly bi, tri, even quadralingual... but not so stylishly verbose.
It is written 'Leonard Misonne', born in Charleroi -  Belgien, and i
saw an exhibition of his work some time ago in the photomuseum of
Charleroi, and the pictures i saw were a.o. (brom)oil prints and
gum, very  pictorialistic and depressing images of daily life and
factories next to romantic landscapes with sheeps et al.
> Meanwhile, happy 2008 to all (can it be worse than 2007?  OF
> COURSE, alas!)
> Judy
happy 2008 ,
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